The provisions of the law n ° 2007/003 of 13 July 2007 instituting the National Civic Service for Participation in Development, specified in article 3 of the decree n ° 2018/630 of October 26, 2018, reorganizing the NCSAPD, stipulate that  » The mission of the Agency is the mobilization of energies for the economic, social and cultural development of the country and the promotion of national and patriotic feeling, the sense of discipline, tolerance, the general interest, the dignity of work of the civic spirit and the culture of peace « .

The implementation of this important mission is carried out through two periods of commitment that are:

– the obligatory period which lasts 60 days, and which mobilizes young people from 17 to 21 years old, for a training whose main goal is to reinforce their citizen engagement, their national and patriotic feeling, but also to promote in them the culture of peace and dignity of work, which are cardinal values ​​of modern citizenship, in a context marked by a decline in public morality, and by the rise of radicalism, which constitute real threats to social cohesion and harmonious living together , as desired by His Excellency Paul BIYA, President of the Republic and Head of State.

– The period of volunteering, which lasts six (6) months, concerns all Cameroonians wishing to put their skills and know-how at the service of the general interest. To date, the four voluntary schemes developed by the Agency make it possible to have four types of volunteers :

–  Pioneer volunteers: whose commitment is mostly carried out in rural areas. The goal here is to promote citizen engagement around an agricultural activity. In the long term, it is a question of constituting a production basin with populations imbued with the stakes of modern citizenship.

– Volunteers of local production : Here, the eccentrics of the former National Office for Participation in Development that have been recovered, host in successive cohorts, groups mobilized within villages and councils. The objective here is to enable people from diverse backgrounds to come together in a single site, a place of acceptance and living together, to develop citizens’ reflexes while strengthening their capacities in agriculture. To date, the centers of Laba in the East and Langui in the North are functional.

– Civic Service Mission Volunteers: This variant targets anyone with skills to assert on a mission of general interest, with a host structure. In this scheme, young people with HND, Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and other professional skills are sent to the citizens’ organizations, for an allowance which is served by the Agency. At the end of six months of engagement, some young people manage to join these structures.

– Volunteers of civic engagement : This fourth device aims at the supervision of the young unemployed, who did not have the opportunity to go further with their education, but which on the other hand have a real need of professional insertion today. In each council, a staff of 15 to 30 young people will be mobilized. Their civic commitment in the areas of hygiene, sanitation, mutual aid and solidarity will be completed by technical training for small trades.

Since 2012, the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development has started its activities. In terms of balance sheet, we have trained to date, a workforce of :

– 10,901 young Cameroonians aged 17 to 21, as part of the compulsory period of the civic service, and ;

– 23,798 Cameroonians enlisted as part of the volunteering period of the civic service.
– Several campaigns of civic education and national integration have been conducted among the populations including bike riders, resellers and young people from the border areas as well as athletes.

– The young people of the National Council of Conscripts of the Civic Service lead, at this moment, a vast campaign for the respect of national emblems.

This brings to the credit of the Cameroon Government, the provision of a global workforce of 34,699 patriotic Cameroonians, imbued with republican values, and ready to defend their country and to commit to accompany, whenever necessary the efforts of the Cameroonian government to be felt in the various projects that accompany the inexorable march of our country towards its emergence by 2035.

However, two major difficulties hinder the smooth implementation of this important public service mission oriented towards the Cameroonian population.

We intend to continue in 2020, the campaign to raise the level of morality of Cameroonians and the mobilization of energy by signing platforms of collaboration with other national and international partner administrations. We hope to boost the workforce in terms of human resources. The infrastructural component will also be taken into account with the gradual construction of new reference centers and the rehabilitation of the former ONPD sites.

In addition, we intend to continue with the training of both Conscripts and Volunteers. But, on the sidelines of these two trainings. We are rehabilitating the sites of Laba, Langui and Mbalang. It is for us to make these sites, training centers on the one hand, but also and especially centers of agro pastoral production of corn and cassava on the other hand.

Before leaving, I would like to thank administrative, traditional, municipal, religious authorities and elites for their remarkable contribution and support on a daily basis. My thanks also go to the members of the Board of Directors, headed by Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU, Chairman of the Board for their support. But, as an adage says so well: « To all Lord all Honor », I would like on behalf of my team, Volunteers and Conscripts of all batches, to present our sincere thanks to the President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Paul BIYA for the vision he had in creating the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development for the full development of the population.

While ensuring the follow-up of these young people, we wish with the support of the hierarchy to raise the numbers each year.

As is the tradition, this space gives me the opportunity to wish all my collaborators and partners a Happy New Year 2020 with the conviction to see new victories won during this year.

                                                                                                         M. TAOSSI

        General Manager of the National Civic  Service 

Agency  Participation in Development